Welcome to Brf Blåsut 

About the association Brf Blåsut 

HSB Brf Blåsut is a genuine cooperative housing association situated in the popular Majorna in the western parts of central Gothenburg.  

The association owns 8 properties with 580 condominium apartments at the addresses Gröna Gatan 32, 41-57 and 59-71, Blåsutgatan 1-7 and 2-12, and Kabelgatan 15 A-C. 

The association is located in a quiet area near Chapmans Torg with several shops, cafés and restaurants in the neighbourhood. Within walking distance, you find the pleasant Klippan cultural reserve, Röda sten cultural centre, the park Slottsskogen, and Gothenburg harbour. Several preschools and schools are situated in the area. 

Public transportations in the neighbourhood go both to the city centre and to the sea (trams no. 3 and 9, and bus no. 90). 


To live in a cooperative housing condominium 

The term 'cooperative housing condominium' is often used in everyday language to refer to the apartment you own. But you have bought, and own, a share in a cooperative housing association. You and your neighbours are members of the same economic association – Brf. Blåsut. Together you own the property which includes the apartments, the common areas and outdoor spaces. This gives you many benefits and rights, but also impose some responsibilities.  

The Board of the housing association is responsible for ensuring that the property is managed in the best way possible. However, the members are jointly responsible for the smooth running of the property. The Board is elected and constituted by the members, and you and your neighbours have the opportunity to influence the development of your homes in the best possible way. 

When you buy a cooperative housing condominium, you have to apply for membership in the association, and it is the Board that approves new members. A transfer only becomes valid once membership has been granted. If the Board does not approve membership, the matter can be appealed to the Hyresgästföreningen (tenant board). The Board cannot refuse membership without very good reasons. 

Living in a condominium gives you extensive liberty to renovate your apartment. You are free to paint and wallpaper the apartment the way you prefer, or lay new floors if you wish. However, you still need the association's approval if you want to make major changes, such as rebuilding the kitchen or the bathroom, or tearing down walls. Always check with your housing association if you are unsure of the rules. 

You have a specific responsibility for the apartment you live in, but you also have a responsibility for the property as such. You must take care to maintain what is known as the order and condition of the property. This includes the spaces, both inside and outside, that you and your neighbours share. You are also responsible for the behaviour of your family members and guests. 


The Statutes and the Residential Tenancies Act 

The division of responsibilities between you and the association is regulated in the Statutes and the Residential Tenancies Act. The Statutes regulates how the association's activities are to be organised, the decision-making procedure within the association, and the requirements placed on you as a member. As a member, you undertake to comply with the Statutes. 

As a member, you are responsible for parts of the apartment which can be expensive to replace in the event of damage. Make sure that your home insurance covers damage for which you are responsible under the Condominium Act and the association's Statutes.  

Many of the conditions that are important for you and your family members’ well-being in the apartment are not regulated by law or by the Statutes of the association. Such issues are decided by the members themselves or by the Board of the association. Together, you and your neighbours create the living environment you want. 


New member of Brf Blåsut 

First of all: Welcome to Brf Blåsut! 

Below follows information about the responsibilities and rights you have as a member of a housing association. It is important that you, as a member, have a home insurance policy that covers your appartment, and that you have a fire alarm installed in your apartment. 

As a tenant you are responsible for: 

  • sanitary ware, 
  • waterproofing layers in bathrooms and toilets, and maintaining and repairing the finishes on walls, floors and ceilings of the rooms, 
  • water pipes, shut-off valves and, where applicable, connections on the water pipe to washing machines/dishwashers and similar equipment, 
  • sewage and water pipes to the extent that they are visible in the apartment and serve only your apartment, 
  • taps, showerheads, etc., including gaskets, shut-off valves and connections to water mains, 
  • cleaning of drains and water locks, 
  • electric underfloor heating and towel rails, if installed in the apartment, 
  • kitchen extractor fan, carbon filter extractor fan, cooker hood, ventilator and extractor fan if they are not part of the building's ventilation system. When installing a kitchen fan, contact the manager for more information. 

Furthermore, as a tenant you are also responsible for: 

  • the maintenance and repair of the surface of the walls, floors and ceilings of the rooms, 
  • non-bearing interior walls, 
  • painting of radiators and heating pipes. PLEASE NOTE! Radiators must not be dismantled without consulting the association's manager, 
  • glass in windows and doors, glazing bars on windows, and, where applicable, insulating glass units, 
  • fittings, handles, hinges, sealing strips and painting of windows and window doors. NOTE! The association is responsible for painting externally visible parts of the window/window door, 
  • the inside of the apartment's front door and fittings, handles, hinges, sealing strips, letterboxes, locks and keys. NOTE! There are no spare keys for our apartments available from the manager. 

Also note that: 

  • It is not allowed to install antennas, satellite dishes and similar installations on the building facade. 
  • Carpets and bedding must not be whipped or shaken on balconies, loft corridors or from windows. If you hang laundry on the balcony, note that it should not appear as disturbing to neighbours or by-passers. Flower boxes should be hung on the inside of the balcony. Be careful that water does not run down onto the neighbour's balcony. 
  • For fire safety reasons, you are not allowed to barbecue on the balcony with a charcoal grill. Electric or gas barbecues are fine as long as you don't disturb your neighbours. 
  • Avoid feeding the birds from the balcony, loft or window - it can attract rats to our houses. 

The association is responsible for: 

  • flues and ventilation ducts, including the entire ventilation system, including ventilators, as well as the cooker hood/cooker hood which is part of the ventilation of the house, 
  • water and sewage pipes in the floor, ceiling, load-bearing walls or apartment partition walls, if the association has provided the apartment with these. 


Guest apartment, party location & guest room 

As a member, you have the possibility to rent a guest apartment and a guest room. 

At Blåsutgatan 6 there is a guest apartment and party location, also called Festblåsan, on the ground floor that can be rented by Brf Blåsut’s members for parties and celebrations. Festblåsan can also be rented as a guest apartment. 

The guest apartment is equipped with two bunk beds, a shower and a toilet as well as with duvets, pillows, extra blankets and cleaning equipment. The apartment also contains a kettle, microwave, plates, cups, glasses and cutlery for 4 people. Note that you have to bring your own bed sheets, handkerchiefs, toilet paper and soap. Smoking in the apartment is not allowed. 

The Festblåsan may be rented as a party location for maximum 40 persons. The premises has a fully equipped kitchen with glassware and crockery, fridge, freezer, stove and microwave. When the premises are rented in the evenings or at weekends, it must be quiet at 10 pm.  

If Festblåsan is rented as a guest apartment, up to 4 people can sleep in the room. Sheets, towels, toilet paper and soap etc. are not provided. The premises is pet and smoke free. 

How to book the guest apartment or the party room:  

You may book the premises through the Aptus portal: https://brfblasut.aptustotal.se/aptusportal. Log in using your apartment number and password.  

PLEASE NOTE! The password for the Aptus portal is not the same as for this website (www.brfblsaut.se). If you have any questions about the login, contact the administrator.  

How to get access to the premises?  

You get access using your own Brf key badge. It will be activated between 12:00 AM on the day you book the room and to 12:00 AM on the last day of the rented period.   

Rental cost 

The rent is SEK 300 per night and the apartment/party room can be rented for a maximum of seven consecutive nights. The rent is charged on the monthly statement from HSB.  


You are responsible for cleaning the apartment properly before leaving it. The apartment must be dust-dried, vacuumed cleaned and, if necessary, wet-dried. Blankets and pillows should be shaken. Showers and toilets must be cleaned. Leave the apartment in the same conditions that you would like to find it. If the apartment is not acceptably cleaned, a cleaning fee of SEK 300 will be charged.  

The apartment must be cleaned and ready by 12 AM on the last day of the rented period.  



For information or help please contact our trustees via email  or phone 031-14 73 74. 

Or visit the Expedition at Karl Johansgatan 100/ Gröna Gatan 41.

Opening hours: 

Mondays 17:00- 18:00 

Thursdays 12:00- 13:00 


Warm welcome to Brf Blåsut.